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Brendan McKeown

Hey there. I’m a front-end developer and web designer. I'm all about creating websites and web apps that look and perform flawlessly on any device using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I enjoy utilizing libraries, frameworks and preprocessors that improve efficiency and reduce confusion.

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D.R.Y. Breakpoints in SASS

In my opinion, I like to write breakpoints inline with my selectors when using SASS. This way, I don’t have to write the selector more than once, and styles for every breakpoint can be found in one place.

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A Simple Pointer-Events Polyfill

If a browser does not support the CSS property pointer-events, you can use this simple javascript polyfill to manually forward your click/touch/mouse events onto a different element. This came in handy for me when I needed to ignore a layer mask in a photo editor so the user could drag & drop the image underneath.

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Remove Classes by Prefix

A useful feature of the .removeClass() method is that you can pass it a function, and it will remove the class(es) returned by that function. A good use for this is when you need to remove all classes from an element that begin with a particular string.

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Force Empty Trash

A cure for that stubborn item in your trash can that won't go away no matter how many times you click "empty trash".

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Git Clean

I learned how to use git clean today when I needed to remove all untracked files in my working branch.

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Modifying Remote Origins

If a remote origin has changed or is no longer active, you can remove it with git remote. You can also use this to add or change remote origins.

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Force Reindex of Processes

Sometimes the Magento indexes can get stuck in a "processing" state. If you have access to a shell, you can force a reindex. This will also show you success/failure messages for each index as it is rebuilt.

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