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Brendan McKeown

Hey there. I’m a front-end developer and web designer. I'm all about creating websites and web apps that look and perform flawlessly on any device using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I enjoy utilizing libraries, frameworks and preprocessors that improve efficiency and reduce confusion.

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Smooth Scroll to Page Section

For animating page scrolling, simply using the duration parameter of jQuery's .animate() method will not produce desirable effects. This is because no matter what the distance being scrolled is, the animation needs to finish in the specified time. Handling this is easy – simply multiply the scrolling distance by a specified speed to get the correct duration for the animation.

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A Simple Pointer-Events Polyfill

If a browser does not support the CSS property pointer-events, you can use this simple javascript polyfill to manually forward your click/touch/mouse events onto a different element. This came in handy for me when I needed to ignore a layer mask in a photo editor so the user could drag & drop the image underneath.

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