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Brendan McKeown

Hey there. I’m a front-end developer and web designer. I'm all about creating websites and web apps that look and perform flawlessly on any device using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I enjoy utilizing libraries, frameworks and preprocessors that improve efficiency and reduce confusion.

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HTML5 Video in iOS Safari with HTTP Authentication Won't Play

I ran into an iOS Safari bug recently where a HTML5 video would not play on a page with basic HTTP authentication enabled by Apache. If I removed the authentication, the video would play fine. However, with authentication turned on and after a successful login, the video would not play.

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Move MP4 Metadata to Beginning of File

I was experiencing a HTML5 video issue in Safari and IE where it took 20-30 seconds to begin playback. Both of these browsers use the x264/MP4 encoding. The video was around 15 seconds long and full 1080 HD. Chrome and Firefox, which instead use the WEBM encoding, had less than a second delay before playback started. It turns out that the MP4 metadata index (aka MOOV atom) was located at the end of the file; so Safari and IE were downloading the entire file before playing the video. To fix this issue, I re-encoded the video file using ffmpeg and passed an additional option with the -movflags flag to move the metadata to the beginning of the file.

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Encode Webm Videos for HTML5 Video

In order to use HTML5 video and support all modern browsers, you need to serve (as of the time of writing) 2 different source encodings: mp4 and webm. The mp4 format is commonly used in desktop media, and can be easily be encoded with programs like Handbrake. The webm format is not as commonly found. I tried the free Mira video conversion software, however it doesn't allow you to tweak any settings. On the other end of the spectrum, ffmpeg is a command-line tool that gives you full control over everything (which can be a little overwhelming at first). Here's how I went about encoding my webm video file with ffmpeg.

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